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Join us in Chicago

March 10-11, 2020


Chez Wedding Venue, 247 E. Ontario, 2nd Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60611


Check out our speakers, hands-on coordinators and schedule below!

  • Had a notebook full of notes and ideas collect dust in a drawer?
  • Tried to implement something new you learned — only to make a mistake and lose a potential client?
  • Wasted time and money on styled shoots that weren’t published and didn’t show your talents?

If you answered yes to any of these,

The Bridal Masterclass Experience was made just for you.

In our Day 1 Seminars:


Learn from the leaders in the wedding industry about

how to implement game-changing strategies for growth in:

  • marketing to a new generation
  • becoming more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community
  • branding basics and beyond
  • steps to a sustainable business for years to come
  • standing out from the sea of competition
In our Day 2 Hands-On Styled Shoot Workshops:


  • Receive hands-on direction and feedback
  • Take home professional photos of YOUR work to use for your marketing and social media
  • Learn how to create content when and how you want to
  • Get step-by-step social media instruction along the way to give you content even during the workshop
In our Day 2 Evening Couples Event:


  • Practice new techniques and wording on engaged couples in a low-pressure environment
  • Meet real engaged couples and their friends
  • Engage in instagrammable ways to make connections and create your biggest fans


Join us in Chicago

March 10-11, 2020


Chez Wedding Venue, 247 E. Ontario, 2nd Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60611


Register now for Day 1, Day 2 or both days with a special discount!

Check out our speakers, hands-on coordinators and schedule below!

A special thanks to our local partners:


Day 1, March 10:


8:30am: Breakfast Bites/Networking

9am: Welcome 

9:30am: Annie Lee: The Future of Weddings

10:15am: Kirsten Palladino: Authentically Inclusive

11am: Publication Panel Discussion: Do’s + Don’ts To Get Published

11:45am: Lunch

12:45pm:  Desiree Dent: Mastering the Art of Reviews 

1:30pm: Ashley Stork: Scaling with Sanity

2:15pm: Break

2:30pm: Local Pro Panel: Mastering the Local Market

  Michelle Durpetti

  Collin Pierson

  Akeshi Akinseye

4pm-5pm: Bites, Bubbly, Networking

Day 2, March 11:


8:30am: Breakfast Bites/Networking

9am: Styled Shoot Setup

12pm: Lunch

1pm: Styled Shoot Setup: Finishing Touches 

2pm: Shooting Styled Shoots

5pm: Prepare for Event

6pm-8pm: Engaged Couples Event

8pm-9:30pm: Breakdown

Register now for Day 1, Day 2 or both days with a special discount!

Isn't it the worst when you do something you don't mean to do?

Most vendors aren't trying to exclude same sex couples but many just don't know enough about the LGBTQ+ community to be aware of how they might not seem as welcoming as they want to be.

Kirsten will help break it all down for you and will also sit on the Publication Panel to help you understand what editors look for in styled shoots and real wedding submissions.

Kirsten Palladino

Equally Wed

Anyone want their past clients to sell for them? Yes, please!

Reviews are a crucial part of having any type of business now and so understanding how to get good ones, how to respond to bad ones, and how to use them to help sell your products and services is a must for everyone.

Desiree is a master at reviews and will be helping you become a master, too.

Desiree Dent

Dejanae Events

Tired of being the worker bee in your business?

Ready to be the CEO?

Then you can’t miss Ashley talk about how you can scale your business and still keep your sanity.¬†Systems & Processes are the backbone for growing, scaling, and maintaining sanity in otherwise crazy business. Setting these up properly, and ensuring the execution of them will be one of the keys to buying your time back, allow for easy client & employee onboarding, and truly operating from the mindset of a CEO. Ashley is going to walk you through the 5 areas of your business to assess their health, their functionality¬†and how to implement strategies right away to bring balance to your business.¬†

Ashley Stork

Wedding Business Bosses and Magnolia Vine Events

Feel like it's hard to keep up with the "right" way to attract and service engaged couples?

Confused as to what they "really" want from you, your pricing, your services, your products?

Annie will be taking you through how things have evolved in the wedding industry, what has stayed the same and how to anticipate what's to come so you always stay ahead of the curve and keep your couples happy.

Annie Lee

Daughter of Design and Plannie