Speaker Agreement

Educator  , a resident of



Agrees to the following:


To provide Education for The Bridal Masterclass Experience (TBME)


Dates: as determined by electronic correspondence in accordance with the location.

Locations: Locations



Promotion: Educators are strongly encouraged to provide promotion of their participation at The Bridal Masterclass Experience. Additional assets are provided to support social and email marketing.


The Bridal Masterclass Experience Agrees to the following:


  • Promotion: Free promotion and marketing via The Bridal Masterclass Experience website, General eblasts, social media and onsite materials.
  • Presentation and Schedule: Specific designations for presentation location and schedule will be determined and confirmed with additional logistic details for each location.


Expenses Provided:

Approved expenses are listed below. Any additional expenses not pre-approved are the responsibility of Educator.


Hotel Room: TBME will provide 1 room for the corresponding nights of your event involvement at a host hotel in our room block. You will be notified of those details closer to the dates for each location. If you choose not to stay at the designated hotel, you will be responsible for booking your own lodging. Any incidental charges incurred for the hotel room will be the responsibility of Educator.


*Receipts required for reimbursement.


Flights: TBME will provide reimbursement for (1) roundtrip flight – not to exceed $500.00 for coach or $350 for business-class or first-class. 


*Receipts are required for reimbursement.


Speaker Fees: $1500.00 USD per location minimum. Additional payments above the minimum amount would be based per location and dependent on the number of paid attendees.


Please submit your invoice along with an updated W-9 form on or before 30 days after last event date.


Invoices submitted after proposed deadline will not be honored. Please allow time for your payment to be processed in the due course of business.


Terms and Conditions:

As it applies to this Agreement, ‘Educator’ refers to applicant identified above; ‘Event Management’ and “Education Team” refers to The Bridal Masterclass Experience/MG Beauty, Inc. and its respective agents.


Signature by both parties constitutes a valid and binding Agreement. Terms of this Agreement may not be modified, except by written Agreement, signed by both parties. The Bridal Masterclass Experience/MG Beauty, Inc. Event Management reserves the right to accept or refuse any Educator’s participation for any reason. Event Management also reserves the right to modify, edit or adjust all programs or schedules at any time to enhance the overall value of the event for attendees.


Educators understand Event Management would be harmed and suffer loss if Educator does not fulfill Agreement terms. In the event the Educator does not fulfill the agreement, Educator may be held liable for liquidated/un-liquidated damages and future participation in the event may be denied. Event Management will not be liable for the fulfillment of this Agreement if non-delivery or delay in delivery is due to reasons beyond the control of Show Management including but not limited to the following causes: fire, act of God, public enemy, war (declared or non-declared) or insurrections, strikes, the authority of the law, extreme weather condition, terrorism, disaster, civil disorder or acts of aggression. Non-delivery may also result if a reasonable fear exists for any one or more of such events occurring or threatening and making it inadvisable, illegal or impossible to hold the event. All Educators and others participating in The Bridal Masterclass Experience agree to indemnify and hold The Bridal Masterclass Experience/MG Beauty, Inc. harmless from and against any and all liability, loss, damage, injury, cost or expenses. Event Management reserves the right to promote Educator and their company using, but not limited to the following: Educator name, company name, logo, images, etc. Educator agrees that Event Management will not be liable in the event of any errors or omissions in the show preview, website, program and/or any related materials.


Cancelation Clause: The Bridal Masterclass Experience/MG Beauty, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this agreement, cancel scheduled classes, change class times and/or locations as deemed appropriate for the show overall.










Megan Garmers

The Bridal Masterclass Experience/MG Beauty, Inc.

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Signed by The Bridal Masterclass Experience
Signed On: February 17, 2020

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